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Money Mushroom

It has a small round shape and is tightly shrunk. It has a thick fleshy head and a short base. It is named after it is shaped like a copper plate. Some people think that shiitake mushrooms are big but they don’t know that they are big and

Product Description Specification Stem Package
Money Mushroom 1.)Below 2cm,
2.) 2-3cm,

1.)No stem;
2.)below 0.8cm
1.)Small Package:
100g,200g,500g,1kg,3kgs etc as clients’ requirement;
 2.)Bulk Package:
10-25kgs with big bag inside,carton is outside.
Also do as clients’ requirement.
MOQ 1 Tons
Payment Term T/T,L/C
Delivery Time Within work  30-45 days after deposit received(Accounting shall be conducted according to actual situation)
Label&Brand Fengjin Brand or Do as client’s requirement
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